“IDMoney is a collaborative project. We encourage contributors to join us and incorporate their unique talents and skills to our team. Those interested in making alliances or developing projects in crypto governance can contact IDMoney”


IDMoney is strongly committed to poverty reduction, job creation, and community development. For this purpose, IDMoney's model creates a total of 35 million of crypto-tokens -attached to the Ethereum platform- in every city, earmarking 7 million -20% of the total-, to be given directly to needy children under 3 years old. In this social endeavor, IDMoney partners with organizations working directly with poverty and community initiatives.


IDMoney founders have long-standing expertise and experience in all areas required to fulfill successfully the companies ambitious vision, including participating in a startup with a $10 Billion exit. Many of the members on the team have been working together for about 15 years, with the establishment of the Fundamental Right to Virtual Personality. They bring together a rich set of skills, including non-sovereignty money, legal expertise, software development, system architecture, blockchain management, payment, and financial systems, etc. This team is applying to a distributed leadership approach, where the birth and development of tokens in diverse cities are lead by local teams of motivated and capable individuals able to move forward the experience in their communities.


A number of city tokens are emerging. Tampa Bay is the pilot. Tampa Bay is spearheading the experience of the structuring of a pilot touching all aspects of the ecosystem necessary for success. Socionics, founder of the Tampa Bay Token has set up the involvement of organizations working with children in need, this process is well advanced. In addition, the technology is available to start testing an innovative solution generated to by-pass the current low speed of real-time transactions of blockchain technology. This method mirrors a centralized wallet/token with a blockchain wallet/token to gain the benefit of speedy retail transactions of the centralized wallet/token while keeping the benefits of the blockchain wallet/token. This mirrored token facilitates: (i) financial, service and product transactions, (ii) the monetization of self-sovereign identity, and (iii) the workings of shared economies in cities' communities. The pilot will produce lessons that will lead to the success of the whole experience in a process of continuous learning, fundamental to face the turbulence of the complex environment of the crypto world.

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