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20% of all created tokens are directly dedicated to combat poverty within the chosen municipality. As token value increases so does the cash impact of this 20% donation, both to individuals and the local economy. Therefore, as a sense of ownership, innovation in governance and reliability begins to grow within these local governments, so will the socioeconomic impact of the IDMoney project. Local governments will identify the beneficiaries and IDMoney will allocate these Crypto resources directly to the people who need it the most.


IDMoney will be the first crypto to engage forward thinking and socially conscious local governments. The municipality selection process will also be collaborative and transparent throughout the vehicle designated for this purpose (IDMoney Game App). Once selection process is completed, IDMoney will offer ownership of its shares to the local municipality that prove to be dedicated to supporting and promoting the implementation of effectual crypto legislation and economic activity. This partnership will serve as an example and learning opportunity for governments and the crypto community alike. Shares of IDM are in a trust, which is ordered to be delivered to local governments ONLY.


The free and global Money Making Wallet Application software is open to all and unique in its ability to generate money for the user through shared personal information. Chosen local governments that embrace and promote this software, recognize the fundamental right of virtual personality and the importance of workable governance, will lend to the further success of IDMoney. Virtual identity information is a billion dollar industry governed and controlled by tech giants and data brokers, that is clearly not in alignment with the fundamentals outlined in your virtual rights.


In the official IDMoney greenpaper you can find strategic and comprehensive details regarding the project. This document outlines the information that stems from the creation of the project all the way through it’s implementation. It incorporates graphs as well as other elements that will help you better understand the IDMoney project. For any inquiry you may have please contact us.


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What is IDMoney?

IDMoney: a new movement!

Introducing Money Making Wallet, the IDMoney wallet interface

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“IDMoney is a collaborative project. We encourage contributors to join us and incorporate their unique talents and skills to our team. Those interested in making alliances or developing projects in crypto governance can contact IDMoney”


Establish the trend of social and public cryptos on a global scale

ROADMAP IDM / In progress

– Development of the Money Making Wallet platform and APP – STARTING: 2017 (IN PROGRESS) – LAUNCH: Q2 2018
– Creation of all 35 million IDM tokens. – inception.
– ID MONEY GAME LAUNCH – Money Making Wallet Launch (alpha version). – IDMoney App. An APP with exclusive benefits for IDM token holder. – Strong Bounty campaign, Marketing and Affiliate Programs.
– MONEY MAKING WALLET BETA VERSION – Public sale of IDM tokens. – Money Making Wallet Beta Version. – First Series of Crypto Manga Episodes. – Create a trust/Transfer all IDMoney’s shares to that trust.
– Second Series of Crypto Manga Episodes. Making Wallet, this will contain Identity management and monetization. – Strong focus on establishing relationships with the local governments


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